Herlindis of Maaseik

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Chapel in Aldeneik, dedicated to Herlindis and Relindis

Saint Herlindis (or Harlindis) (c.695 in Maaseik – 745 or 753 in Aldeneik, near Maaseik), sister of Saint Relindis,[1] was a Frankish saint and abbess.

Herlindis and Relindis were the daughters of the Frankish nobleman Adelard, who had his daughters brought up at the Benedictine monastery in Valenciennes. In 730 Herlindis's parents set up a Benedictine monastery at Aldeneik for his daughters. Herlindis was consecrated as its first abbess by Willibrord, and held the role until her death, after which Relindis was named to succeed her by Saint Boniface.

The two sisters are usually portrayed together, sometimes also with a few nuns, holding either an abbess's staff or a model of the monastery. Her feast day is 12 October, or on 13 February in Liège (on the same day as Relindis).

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