Hassan Tabatabaei Qomi

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Hassan Tabatabaei Qomi
Screenshot ۲۰۱۷۰۳۰۵-۱۵۵۲۴۸.jpg
Born 1912
Mashhad, Iran
Died 2007
Karaj, Iran
Occupation Grand Ayatollah
Known for criticizing the velayat-e faqih

Grand Ayatollah Hassan Tabatabaei Qomi (1912-2007[citation needed]) was a Twelver Shia Marja'. He has repeatedly criticized the velayat-e faqih, and because of his critique, the Iranian government placed him under house arrest from 1984 to 2007.

His younger brother Taqi Tabatabaei Qomi is also a Twelver Shia Marja'.


Hassan Tabatabaei Qomi, the son of the Grand Ayatollah Qomi from Mashhad, remained under house arrest from 1984 to 2007.[1] Beside his house arrest and limited opportunity to lecture and advice students, his importance as a theological authority was also decreased by virtue of the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has systematically promoted Qom throughout the past 30 years as a center of theological learning at the expense of the city of Mashhad.

In an interview with the London-based Kayhan International newspaper in June 1997, he condemned the theological basis of the Islamic Republic of Iran and described the Vilayat-e Faqih as violating Islamic principles. He also commented on the election of Mohammad Khatami to the presidency in 1997 as an indication of the rejection of the Vilayat-e Faqih on the part of the Iranian people.

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