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Sheikh Hassan Yousef (born in 1955, Ramallah) is one of the leaders of Hamas in the West Bank.

He is considered a member of Hamas' extremist faction,[1] though he refrains from any talk of rapprochement between Israel and the Palestinians. He is also considered one of the spiritual leaders of Hamas.[2]

Yousef is married to Sabba Abu Salem. They have six sons and three daughters. His eldest son, Mosab Hassan Yousef, became a Christian and worked with Shin Bet to prevent attacks on Israeli civilians, as he considered such attacks immoral and destructive to the Palestinian cause. He got disowned by his father but is considered a hero by many Americans as well as Israelis.[3][4]


Yousef was arrested by the Israeli authorities several times, starting from 1993. He became the visible leader of the Second Intifada.

While in jail in 2005, Yousef was nominated to represent Hamas during the elections. This was against his will, as he did not think that Hamas could become a political party. He was initially unwilling, but the Hamas leaders did not accept his refusal. Yousef eventually agreed, when he found out that his eldest son had received death threats.[5]

On October 19, 2015, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) raided Yousef's home in the West Bank village of Beitunia and once again arrested the Hamas co-founder, accusing him of inciting recent violence.[6]


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