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Hatidža Hadžiosmanović (19 August 1938 – 23 December 2015) was a President of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1][2]

She was born in Sarajevo and graduated from the Sarajevo Law School on 30 June 1962. She passed the bar exam in 1967 with excellent results. From 1957-67 she worked as the Head of Legal Department of Tobacco Factory in Sarajevo.

Thereafter and until 2002 she held office as a judge of various regular courts: Municipal Court I Sarajevo (1967–71); District Court of Sarajevo (currently Cantonal Court of Sarajevo) (1972–88); the Supreme Court of SR Bonsia-Herzegovina from 1988 until the dissolution of Yugoslavia and recognition of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina); the Supreme Court of Bonsia-Herzegovina (until 1995 and the Dayton Agreement), and then on the Supreme Court of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She held then last position until 30 June 2002, when she was appointed Judge of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In June 2006 she was appointed President of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She retired at age 70 in 2008.

Hadžiosmanović-Mahić dedicated her entire professional career to the law and its theoretical and practical application in economy as well as dealing with first-instance, second-instance, appellate, cassation and constitutional judicature. She died on 23 December 2015, aged 77.[where?]


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