Harapaki Wind Farm

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Harapaki Bay Wind Farm
CountryNew Zealand
LocationHawke's Bay
Coordinates39°11′2″S 176°41′35″E / 39.18389°S 176.69306°E / -39.18389; 176.69306Coordinates: 39°11′2″S 176°41′35″E / 39.18389°S 176.69306°E / -39.18389; 176.69306
Owner(s)Meridian Energy Limited
Power generation
Units planned41
Nameplate capacity176 MW

The Harapaki Wind Farm is a proposed wind farm project in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. Construction is expected to begin in June 2021.[1][2]


In 2006, Hawkes Bay Wind Farm Ltd was granted resource consent for a 75 turbine, 225 MW wind farm at Titiokura.[3] The same year Unison Networks was granted consent for a 15 turbine, 45 MW development. Both consents were upheld by the Environment Court in October 2006.[4] A proposed expansion of Unison's project[5] was rejected by the Environment Court in 2009.[6][7]

In 2010 Hawkes Bay Wind Farm Ltd was purchased by Meridian Energy.[8] Unison's consent was purchased in 2011, and the sites combined.[9]

In August 2019 Meridian sought interest from potential contractors for the wind farm's construction.[9] Construction was expected to begin in 2020, but was delayed due to the possible closure of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter.[10] In February 2021 Meridian announced that construction would begin later that year, and would take approximately three years.[11][12] Site preparation began in mid-2021.[13]


The wind farm will be located on the Maungaharuru Range near the Titiokura Summit, about 34 km North-west of Napier Airport.[3] The altitude of the range is approximately 1300 metres.

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