Hayk Gyulikekhvyan

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Հուշակոթող՝ Հայկ Գյուլիքևխյանին.jpg

Hayk Gyulikekhvyan (Armenian: Հայկ Գյուլիքևխյան, 1886, Shusha - 1951, Yerevan) was an Armenian literary critic and philosopher, Professor of Yerevan State University. He was one of the establishers of Soviet Armenian literary criticism.


He studied at Leipzig and Zurich universities, then finished the department of philosophy of Heidelberg University. Gyulikekhvyan cooperated with Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. For his political activities he was arrested in 1914. In 1920's he became the editor of "Kommunist" newspaper of Yerevan, worked in Alexandropol. Gyulikekhvyan was the pro-rector of Yerevan State University and director of Armenian SSR Marxism–Leninism Institute. He was arrested during the period of stalinist terror, then released.


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