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Maria of Galicia (before 1293- 11 January 1341) was a princess of Galicia-Volhynia and a member of the Rurik Dynasty. She was sister to Leo II of Halych and Andrew of Halych, daughter of George I of Halych. She assisted her husband king Boleslaus George II of Halych in ruling Galicia.[citation needed]

In 1323 her brothers Andrew of Galicia and Volynia and Lev II of Lutsk were killed, and she and her niece, Eufemia, Heiress of Volynia-Lutsk, inherited the lands. She was daughter of King George I of Galicia (1252-1301-1308) and his second wife, Eufemia of Kujavia (d. 1308), and was married to Boleslaus George II of Halych (d. 1341). Her grandfather, Leo of Halych, had been king of Galicia 1269-1301 and he moved his capital from Galich (Halicz) to the newly founded city of Lvov (Lwow, Lemberg). She lived (before -1293-1341)

She was the daughter of Yuri I and Euphemia of Kuyavia, who was the daughter of Casimir I of Kuyavia. Before 1310, she married Duke Trojden I of Masovia with whom she had four children:

  1. Euphemia (1310-after 1373) married Casimir I, Duke of Cieszyn and had issue
  2. Boleslaw-Yuri II of Galicia (1308 - April 7, 1340), became King of Halych-Volhynia
  3. Siemowit III of Masovia (before 1314-16 June 1381), became Duke of Masovia
  4. Casimir (1314-26 November 1355), Prince of Ciechanów and Warsaw