Hell's Wind Staff

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Hell's Wind Staff
DVD cover
Directed by Lu Chin-ku
Tony Wong
Produced by Tony Wong
Hwang Yen-kwang
Written by Huang Yu-liang
Tony Wong
Thomas Tang
Story by Tony Wong
Starring Hwang Jang Lee
Meng Yuen-man
Mang Hoi
Kwan Yung-moon
Music by Frankie Chan
Cinematography Ma Goon-wa
Edited by Poon Hung-yiu
Distributed by Yuk Long Movies
Release date
  • 5 July 1979 (1979-07-05)
Running time
85 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Hell's Wind Staff (released in the United Kingdom as Hell'z Windstaff) is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lu Chin-ku, and also written, produced, storied and directed by Tony Wong, starring Hwang Jang Lee, Meng Yuen-man, Mang Hoi and Kwan Yung-moon.


Two young kung fu experts are terrorized by an evil warlord whose weapon is known as the Hell's Wind Staff. With the aid of an old rival of the warlord, they train in the Dragon Hands and the Rowing Oar to face off against the deadly Hell's Wind Staff.


  • Hwang Jang Lee – Lu Shan-tu
  • Meng Yuen-man – Tiger Wang
  • Mang Hoi – Stone Dragon
  • Kwan Yung-moon – Shek
  • Jason Pai Piao – Ching Wan-li
  • Yip Fei-yang – Tiao Erh
  • Lau Hok-nin – Master Wang Fu-hu
  • Baan Yun-sang – Snake Fighter
  • Wong Mei – Master Liu Chia-wen
  • Hsu Hsia – Cousin Hsu
  • Cheung Hei – Older Fisherman #1
  • Chui Fat – Beats Up Unwilling Fishermen
  • Gam Tin-chue – Older Fisherman #2
  • Ho Kei-chong
  • Kei Ho-chiu
  • Lee Chu-hwa – Muscles
  • Lin Ke-ming
  • Lo Wai – Hsu’s Student
  • Tai San – Recruits Fishermen
  • Wang Han-chen – Uncle Fu
  • Yeung Sai-gwan

Action choreographers[edit]

  • Hsu Hsia
  • Corey Yuen
  • Chin Yuet-sang
  • Yuen Shun-yee

DVD release[edit]

DVD was released in Region 2 in the United Kingdom on 24 February 2003, it was distributed by Eastern Heroes. In the US it was released on DVD by Xenon Video (2003) in 2.35:1 ratio, original language (Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles burned in), the ending where you see the bad guy get shoved into a tree stump and his legs yanked apart like a wishbone, is truncated. The World Video release (2001) is full screen, English dubbed and it features the full ending.

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