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Developer(s) Ralf Kothe, Armin Stürmer
Publisher(s) AMC Verlag
Platform(s) Atari 8-bit
Release 1988
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player, Two players independently

Herbert is a platform computer game released for the Atari 8-bit family in 1988 by AMC Verlag. A sequel, Herbert II, was released in 1989.

Game play[edit]

A fish guards the lake

The game world is being shown from a side view. The game objective consists of traversing through 20 levels with one or two ducks (namely Herbert and his friend Oscar) and to liberate finally his girlfriend. In doing so, both game characters may be only controlled by human players, the level is being shown twice one below the other. Herbert has the possibility to walk, run, swim, and flap. Except that, he can lay an egg in a nest turning up once in a while and receives an extra life, and three times a level it is possible to trigger invulnerability for some seconds. Enemies are among others a witch, a sword fighter, thorns on bushes or carnivorous plants. To complete a level, Herbert has to collect gems and to reach the exit on the right within a time limit. There are storable best times for each level and a highscore list.

A level is a half screen high and about six screens wide, there is only horizontally scrolling.


In Germany, Herbert received good reviews, among others 91% in the Compy-Shop-Magazin[1] and a very positive review in the Atari Magazin.[2] It was one year in the Readers Top Ten of the Atari Magazin and achieved place 1 for three times.[3] Outside Germany, the games are hardly known.

The games are freeware[4] since 10/2003. A working version of Herbert can be downloaded on „The old computer“ website, use the side a of the „Coyote“ and side b of the „tr en“ version.

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