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Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller (Lippstadt)

Heinrich Ludwig Hermann Müller (23 September 1829 – 25 August 1883) was a German botanist who provided important evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution.


Müller was an early investigator of coevolution.[1]p27 He was the author in 1873 of Die Befruchtung der Blumen durch Insekten, a book translated at the suggestion of Darwin in 1883 as The Fertilisation of Flowers.[2] He and Darwin corresponded—36 letters between the two, or from Darwin concerning Müller, are recorded.[3] Darwin cited him extensively in The Descent of Man for his information relating to the behavior of bees.

Hermann was the brother of Fritz Müller,[1]p29 the German doctor who lived in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil and researched its natural history. Fritz Müller wrote the first book in support of Darwinian evolution in German,"Für Darwin"; he is also known as the discoverer of Müllerian mimicry. The work of both brothers was well known to Darwin.[1]

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