Hermitage of Monte Giove

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Camaldoli monastery in Naples

The Camaldolese Hermitage of Monte Giove is a monastery near Naples, Campania, Italy.

One of the monasteries still active in the region, it sits on the hill in back of Naples at the highest point in the city, between Vesuvius and the Phlegrean Fields. It was built in 1585 by the Camaldolese congregation of Monte Corona on the site of an earlier church. The large altar in the church is the work of Cosimo Fanzago, and there are numerous prized paintings by such artists as Francesco Francanzano and Giordano. Part of the monastery is open to the public, who may occasionally visit the gardens overlooking the city to the south.


Coordinates: 40°51′30″N 14°11′31″E / 40.858200°N 14.192060°E / 40.858200; 14.192060