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Hilotherapy is a continuous-flow therapy that may be used as thermotherapy for warming or as cryotherapy for cooling. A device (Hilotherm) provides exactly the selected temperature between 10 °C and 38 °C. This temperature is applied to the patient by face masks or body cuffs.[1][2][3]

Most common application[edit]

Hilotherapy is a form of cryotherapy, which is a widely used method to treat patients after surgeries or injuries. It is applied to stop bleeding (through vasoconstriction) and avoid swelling, hematoma, and pain.[4][5][6] However, there are also negative effects of cryotherapy when treatment temperatures are too low. Those are: frostbite [7], reactive hyperaemia (increased bleeding) [8, 9, 10], increased swelling (with 5 °C to 15 °C tissue temperature) [11, 12, 13], and nerve palsy [7, 14, 15, 16].

Benefits of Hilotherapy[edit]

Unlike most cooling methods, hilotherapy offers the possibility of controlling the exact temperature setting for the treatment.[1][2][3] Therefore, it is safer but, as a continuous-flow cold therapy, also more effective than non-continuous-flow systems (ice, compresses, bucket systems etc.) in terms of pain/analgesics reduction [,[1] 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23], reduced swelling [,[1] 22], and greater early range of motion [,[1] 17, 18, 20, 23].


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