Hobbi al-Wahid

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Hobbi al-Wahid
حبي الوحيد
Hobbi al-Wahid poster
Directed by Kamal El Sheikh
Written by Ali El Zorkani
Sabri Izzat
Starring Omar Sharif
Nadia Lutfi
Kamal Al-Shennawi
Distributed by Jamal El Laithi
Release date
Running time
120 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Hobbi al-Wahid About this sound listen  (Arabic: حبي الوحيد‎‎, English: My Only Love) is a 1960 Egyptian drama/romance film directed by the Egyptian film director Kamal El Sheikh. It starred Omar Sharif, Kamal Al-Shennawi, and Nadia Lutfi.


Mona is in a love triangle with Adel (Omar Sharif), an airplane pilot who she loves, and Rushdi (Kamal Al-Shennawi), a family friend of Mona, who she has rejected on several occasions.

On the day of Adel and Mona's engagement party, Adel is bringing Mona's friend, Hoda, but there is a car accident on their way. When Mona telephones Adel to see why he is late, Hoda replies, consequently Mona thinks Adel is having an affair with her. She agrees to marry Rushdi, but after their marriage, he treats her badly. She conceives but after learning she has become pregnant, Adel hits her, thus making her miscarry.

Hoda meets Mona secretly and tells her the truth. Shocked by the truth, she asks Rushdi to divorce her. Rushdi plans to murder Mona, but he fails, and his plan is discovered. Mona spares Rushdi from any charges in return for their divorce. She is reunited with Adel.


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