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Hollinger Inc.
Industry Publishing - Newspapers
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr.
Number of employees
Website http://www.hollingerinc.com/hollingerinc.htm

Hollinger Inc. was a Canadian media company based in Toronto. It was created by the Canadian businessman Conrad Black as a holding company for his media interests after he acquired control of The Daily Telegraph in 1986. It was the parent company of Chicago-based Hollinger International, whose primary holdings include a group of Chicago newspapers. Its flagship paper was the Chicago Sun-Times. In addition, Hollinger owned The Jerusalem Post and interests in Australian and Canadian newspaper chains. [2]

The company took its name from Hollinger Gold Mines, which was started in 1909, and later became Hollinger Mines, owner of one of the world's largest gold mines near Timmins, Ontario. It was acquired by E.P. Taylor's conglomerate, Argus Corp. Conrad Black took control of Argus in 1978, and sold off its assets by 1985.

Hollinger's non-Canadian papers were sold to Hollinger International in 1996, and its Canadian papers in 1997. Hollinger became a holding company for stakes in various companies, including its controlling stake in Hollinger International.

Hollinger Inc. was controlled by Canadian-based Ravelston Corporation, which was used as a personal holding company for Conrad Black. Ravelston was placed in receivership in the summer of 2005.

Hollinger Inc. declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy shortly after the conviction of Black for wire fraud in 2007.

Hollinger Shares were delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange in August 2008.[3]


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