Hoppin' Mad

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Hoppin' Mad Cover.jpg
Publisher(s) Elite Systems
Platform(s) Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum
Release date(s) 1988

Hoppin' Mad is an arcade-style computer game released in 1988 by Elite Systems.

The game takes place over 12 levels. On each level, the player has to guide a group of bouncing balls from the right edge of the level to the left edge. The balls are constantly bouncing, and the player can only alter their travel speed (by moving the joystick left or right) or make them bounce higher (by pressing the fire button).

Various different dangers appear on the levels, including sharp rocks, venus flytraps, hedgehogs and flying birds. The balls can also collect balloons for bonus points. The game starts with four balls, and each time the balls collide with a dangerous object, one ball bursts. If all four balls are burst, the player loses a life.

The levels are themed as follows:

  1. Normal back yard
  2. Beach
  3. Under the sea
  4. Ancient Roman ruins
  5. Forest
  6. Desert
  7. Arctic
  8. Spooky night-time forest
  9. Under the sea
  10. Up in the clouds
  11. Asteroid belt in space
  12. Alien planet

NES Version[edit]

Elite Systems also developed an NES version which was never released.[1] It was bought at an auction by mrmark0673, and dumped as a ROM file.

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