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Horacio's World is a Brazilian comic strip, part of the Monica's Gang comic strips. The main character is Horácio, created in 1961,[1] a baby Tyrannosaurus rex. He debuted as one of the supporting characters of Pitheco's comics in The Cavern Clan, but their solo stories started in 1963. Other minor characters appear occasionally, but Horacio's strips are mostly consisted of monologues and self-reflections (some of them are even entirely pantomimic), thus making him Mauricios's alter-ego. Also, all his stories are written by Mauricio himself.[2][3]


On this group of characters, Horácio (or Horacio in English) is the main one. He is the only character whose strips are still drawn and written exclusively by Mauricio, who sees him as his alter ego. Mauricio describes him as having an always optimistic view, and as someone who likes to help his friends and, "sometimes, even the enemies. And he's hot this calm, confident attitude."[4]

In his first stories, was described as a dinosaur who lived among the humans of The Cavern Clan.[5] He was banned from the village for eating all their food and started to search for his mother, who abandoned him while he was in his egg.[3] In most of his comic strips, he is reflecting about existence, or similar subjects. He does it mostly alone, but he also enjoys speaking to his few friends. Unlike common Tyrannosaurus stereotypes, he is very kind and friendly. He is also a vegetarian,[3] having his very own lettuce crop near his cave. He is also constantly running away from Lucinda.

Supporting characters
  • Lucinda – Lucinda is a natural dreamer, and is constantly trying to date Horácio, who is definitely not interested in any relationship at the moment. She usually ends up angry at Horácio because of his flees, but she won't stop her attempts to date him.
  • Theco (Tecodonte) – Horácio's best friend, a baby thecodont.
  • Mack Mammoth (Antão) – A baby mammoth.
  • Terry Pterodactyl (Alfredo) – Terry is a Pterodactyl who looked after Horácio when he was a baby, but now, he is treated more like a friend than like a father. Horacio sometimes sits on his back to fly.
  • Simone – Simone is Lucinda's best friend, but at the same time, her main rival, for her is also in love with Horácio. However, Lucinda's attempts to date Horacio are much more frequent than Simone's.
  • Brontson (Brontossauro, often abbreviated to Bronto) – Brontson is a big and strong Brontosaurus.


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