Horse racing in New Zealand

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Horse racing in New Zealand consists of two forms:

Harness racing is sometimes referred to as trotting in New Zealand, although there are actually two types of standardbred races based on the type of gait or running style:

  • trotting where the horse moves its two diagonally opposite legs forward at the same time, and
  • pacing where the two legs on the same side of the horse move forward at the same time.

The majority of standardbred races in New Zealand are pacing.

Famous New Zealand racehorses[edit]

Notable Thoroughbred racehorses from New Zealand include:

Famous New Zealand harness racers[edit]

The most famous New Zealand Standardbred is the pacer Cardigan Bay. Stanley Dancer drove Cardigan Bay to $1 million in winnings in 1968, the first harness horse to surpass that milestone in American history.[1] Dancer and Cardigan Bay appeared together on The Ed Sullivan Show.[2]

Other top Standardbred horses include:

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