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Coat-of-arms of the House of Zlatarić.

The Zlatarić (Croatian pronunciation: [zlǎtarit͡ɕ];[1] Italian: Slatarich) were a noble family from the Republic of Ragusa with origins in Macedonia,[2] that was part of the Ragusan aristocracy. The empress Maria Theresia in 1765 gave Pavle Zlatarić a Hungarian noble title. The family expired however in the 1823 with its last descendant.


"Zlatarić" etymologically originates from the Serbo-Croatian word "zlatar", meaning "goldsmith".

Coat of arms[edit]

The Coat of arms has a blue and golden diagonal on the left of the bar. The same is accompanied in such a manner on both sides by a similar rose.

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  • Name: Slatarich. "zlatar" meaning "goldsmith" in Serbo-Croatian