Houseguest (band)

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Origin Akron, Ohio, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2000–2009
Labels Audio Eagle Records
Website Official website

Houseguest was a five-piece American rock band from Akron, Ohio. The band was praised by San Francisco-based literary magazine McSweeney's in 2005 as "the best pop band in America."[1]

Houseguest recorded for Audio Eagle Records, the label founded by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.

Houseguest disbanded in 2009.


House Fall Down (Top Hat, 2001)[edit]

  1. Tonight, I Have Too Many Plans
  2. Waterworks
  3. Up Nights (at Ghost Sites)
  4. The Captain's Things
  5. My Little Dinosaur
  6. Permanent Federal Eyeball
  7. Came Up Way Too Quick
  8. Today It's One Year Ago
  9. Dead of the Desert

Talking Time (Top Hat, 2004)[edit]

  1. Where We Left Off
  2. Traveller's Fancy
  3. Fashionable Living Room
  4. Be a Hero to the Tiniest of Babies
  5. Final Call of the Airboatman
  6. On Walden Software
  7. Greatest Gatsbees
  8. My Handsome Hat
  9. Where My Body's From
  10. Our Talking Times

Electric Politeness (National Syrup, 2005)[edit]

  1. Muted Mesa
  2. Galapaghost Island
  3. Greatest Gatsbees
  4. Dead of the Desert
  5. The Captain's Things

High Strangeness (Audio Eagle/Fat Possum, 2006; Audio Eagle, 2007)[edit]

  1. Fashionable Living Room
  2. Gone For The Season
  3. Dive Deep
  4. On Walden Software
  5. It's Not You (But That's Just Me)
  6. Are We Us?
  7. King of Crystal Skies
  8. Galapaghost Island
  9. Muted Mesa
  10. Silvereye
  11. Where We Left Off
  12. Gravy Shift
  13. Heliport Impressions
  14. Where My Body's From

Welcome, All That's Difficult (Audio Eagle, 2008)[edit]

  1. Iron Oar
  2. Proud Utility Infielder
  3. Over the Falls
  4. Medieval (Af)Faire
  5. Self-Eviction
  6. Difficulty Club
  7. Spiritual CPR
  8. Carla!
  9. Blizzard of Jazz
  10. Little Brother Nautilus
  11. Our Mess (restructured)
  12. Our Mess
  13. Heir of the Dawg
  14. Ex-Gentlemen


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