Housewives' Holiday

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Housewives' Holiday
Genre Dramedy
Created by Cynthia Chong 张湄纭
Freddy Leow 廖明利
Starring Hong Huifang
Ann Kok
Xiang Yun
Opening theme 休止符 by 刘慧祺
Ending theme 休止符 by 刘慧祺
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Lin Mingzhe 林明哲
Running time approx. 45 minutes per episode
Original network MediaCorp Channel 8
Original release 4 March – 31 March 2009
Preceded by The Dream Catchers
Followed by Table of Glory
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Housewives' Holiday (simplified Chinese: 煮妇的假期) is a Singaporean Chinese drama, which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 4 March 2009 and ended on 31 March 2009. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm. This drama was the Highest Rated Drama Series for 2009, where ratings peaked at 23.4%.


Three housewives became friends when they worked together to nab a thief that stole bras from the neighbourhood. They discover that while they are each different in character and they have thing in common: an unhappy home life.

Chen Simei, 42, is very thrifty and looks out for discounts and opportunities. Alice, 40, is the modern and trendy one, who enjoys making herself look good. Zhong Aiqin, 39, is a natural worrier. Alice looks down on the others and pretends she’s a rich madame. Simei, in a bid to stand up to Alice, lies that her husband is a rich businessman.

Each has a different set of problems – a philandering husband, interfering in-laws and marriages that have lost their romance.

All things come to a head when Alice discovers her husband has a mistress. Aiqin, too is shocked when her suspicions about her husband is confirmed. Simei is devastated when she finds that her husband has resumed his gambling habit again.

The three women, who had been fighting secretly amongst one another, realise they are all in the same boat. All their sacrifices for their families had come to a nought. It was time for them to live for themselves.

They decide to go for a long holiday and set off without saying goodbye to their families. Their disappearances cause chaos in their families.

What will the outcomes be after they returned from their long holiday? Will things turns for the better, or worst?


Hong Huifang's Family[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Hong Huifang
Chen Simei 陈思美
  • 42 year old
  • Wife of Chen Weibin
  • Mother of Chen Meili
  • Best friend of Alice Zeng and Zhong Aiqin
  • Very thrifty
  • Likes to take advantage from others
  • Pick up people's unwanted items from her block
  • Stays in a 3-room flat
Brandon Wong
Chen Weibin 陈伟斌 / Li Quan
  • Husband of Chen Simei
  • Used to be a famous actor from MediaCorp
  • Now a taxi driver
  • Loves to gamble
Wang Xiuyun
Liu Lianhua 刘莲花
  • Mother of Chen Simei
  • Mother-in-law of Chen Weibin

Alice's Family[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Ann Kok
Alice Zeng 曾慧贤
  • 40 year old
  • Wife of Zhang Jiasheng
  • Mother of two
  • Best friend of Chen Simei and Zhong Aiqin
  • Modern housewife who loves dolling herself up
  • Materialistic and loves to show off
  • Disliked Chen Simei when first met
  • Stays in a 5-room flat
Yao Wenlong
Zhang Jiasheng 张家盛
  • Husband of Alice Zeng
  • Works as an engineer
  • He is a filial son who would always ask Alice to give in to his mother
  • Had an affair with a China lady
Hu Yixiang
Huang Xiaoling 黄小玲
  • Mother of Zhang Jiashang
  • Mother-in-law of Alice Zeng

Zhong Aiqin's Family[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Xiang Yun
Zhong Aiqin 钟爱琴
  • 39 year old
  • Wife of Bryan He
  • Mother of two
  • Best friend of Chen Simei and Alice Zeng
  • A very cowardly housewife who often worries for nothing
  • Her worries came true when she realised her husband is having an affair
  • Stays in a 4-room flat
Rayson Tan
Bryan He 何龙威
  • Husband of Zhong Aiqin
  • A salesman who sells massage chairs
  • Stays together with his parents so that he can live off his parents' savings
  • Realised his marriage life is extremely bland
  • He later had an extra-marital affair with Wendy
Liang Tian
He Wende 何文德
  • Father of Bryan He
  • Father-in-law of Zhong Aiqin
Ou Meixin
Pan Xiuhui 潘秀慧
  • Mother of Bryan He
  • Mother-in-law of Zhong Aiqin

Other cast[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Joey Swee
Wendy Villain
  • Lady boss of a pub
  • Third-party relationship with Bryan He
3 - 20


The reception for the series was excellent, garnering peak points of 23.4%. This serial is the highest rated drama series for 2009.

The three lead actresses of the show - Ann Kok, Hong Huifang and Xiang Yun have gained much audience applause for their wonderful performance. Ann Kok was deemed by the viewing audience as putting up the best performance and having the most breakthrough. (Source(s): NEW Paper, Shin Min, Wan Bao)

2010 Accolades[edit]

Housewives' Holiday garnered 4 nominations in the Star Awards 2010 but only won the Highest Rated Drama Series award. The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series Reunion Dinner, Daddy at Home, Together and Perfect Cut 2.

Star Awards 2010[edit]

Category Award Recipients (if any) Result
Star Awards 2016 Show 2 红星大奖2016 下半场 Best Actor 最佳男主角 Brandon Wong Nominated
Best Actress 最佳女主角 Ann Kok Nominated
Hong Huifang Nominated
Best Drama Serial 最佳电视剧 Housewives' Holiday 煮妇的假期 Nominated
Top Rated Drama Series 最高收视率电视剧 Housewives' Holiday 煮妇的假期 Won

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