SS Hsin-Yu

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SS Hsin Yu
Owner: Chinese Army
Launched: 1889
General characteristics
Type: transport ship
Tonnage: 1,629 tons

SS Hsin Yu was a Chinese Army transport ship that served during World War I. The 1,629 ton ship had been built in 1889. On 22 April 1916, the transport, with over a thousand enlisted men and officers on board, was in a thick fog while on its way to Foo Chow. South of the Chusan Islands, the cruiser Hai Yung accidentally collided with Hsin Yu. A foreign engineer, nine sailors, and 20 soldiers were the only survivors. The ship sank with the loss of more than 1,000 lives.[1] The date of the disaster has frequently (and mistakenly) been listed as 29 August 1916 although it occurred four months earlier.[2]


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