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Hugh Sawyer (born 1973) is a working professional who has decided to spend an extended period of time with his only home being in an undisclosed wood in Oxfordshire.

Hugh Sawyer is most famously known as Ditch Monkey or Original Ditch Monkey (ODM). The record of his experience is available in his blog, which gives very detailed descriptions of the issues arising when trying to sleep in a wood with no tent and only fairly basic equipment.

Reasons for style of living[edit]

Sawyer has been quoted as saying that he wants people to "think about how much they consume that is not necessary." Many people have sponsored him to raise money for The Woodland Trust.

The future[edit]

Ditch Monkey II, The Brass Monkey Year sees Sawyer living in the Swiss Alps for a year without a tent to raise money for Rainforest Concern. It is believed that this is the second part of a world tour that will see him living outside without a tent in seven locations each with challenging climates.


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