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The name Bonnie has been used for seven tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean:

  • Hurricane Bonnie (1980), moved north over the central Atlantic Ocean
  • Hurricane Bonnie (1986), a minimal hurricane that hit Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, causing light damage
  • Hurricane Bonnie (1992), tracked eastward over the Atlantic, striking the Azores as a tropical storm, causing no significant damage
  • Hurricane Bonnie (1998), struck Wilmington, North Carolina, at just under Category 3 strength on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
  • Tropical Storm Bonnie (2004), struck the Florida Panhandle, and caused heavy rainfall along the East Coast of the United States
  • Tropical Storm Bonnie (2010), a short lived tropical storm that struck the eastern Florida coast causing minimal damage
  • Tropical Storm Bonnie (2016), a weak tropical storm that struck Charleston, South Carolina, as a tropical depression, degenerated into a post-tropical cyclone and later re-strengthened into a tropical storm once again over open waters.

The name Bonnie has also been used for one tropical cyclone in the Western Pacific Ocean:

The name Bonnie has also been used for one tropical cyclone in the Australian region:

  • Cyclone Bonnie (2002), caused heavy rainfall and gusty winds in Timor and Sumba; flash flooding in Sumba killed 19 people

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