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List of storms named Franklin

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The name Franklin has been used for four tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, replacing Floyd after 1999. It has also been used for an extratropical European windstorm.

In the Atlantic:

  • Tropical Storm Franklin (2005) – formed over the Bahamas, then moved erratically in the open ocean, never affecting land directly; twice approached hurricane status.
  • Tropical Storm Franklin (2011) – weak tropical storm that never threatened land.
  • Hurricane Franklin (2017) – made landfall on the Yucatán Peninsula as a moderate tropical storm, then made a second landfall in Veracruz, Mexico as a Category 1 hurricane.
  • Hurricane Franklin (2023) – a large and strong Category 4 hurricane that made landfall in Hispaniola as a tropical storm.

In Europe:

  • Storm Franklin – a European windstorm which impacted Western Europe.