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Hyderabad Nawabs
Directed byLakshmikanth Chenna
Produced byR.K
StarringMast Ali
Vandana Gupta
Stuti Misra
Aziz Naser
Dheer Charan Srivastav
Raju Srivastav
Music byVishwa

Hyderabad Nawabs is a 2006 Indian Hyderabadi-language comedy film. The plot revolves around four groups of people in the city of Hyderabad.[1][2]


It all starts out in Old City, Hyderabad. In an alley, Suri, Ajju Tehzab's right-hand man, is selling drugs to a "party", in Mama's territory. One of Mama's men, is eating while taking guard of Mama's territory while Mama is away. He sees Suri and walks over to him. They both start fighting, when Mama enters. Mama starts beating up Suri, and he runs away.

Once back in Mangalat, Suri tells Ajju Tehzab that Mama and his men beat him up, slightly exaggerating to make it seem worse. Ajju Tehzab replies, while playing Carom, that he will take care of Mama.

Hanif Bhai is introduced in the movie. Rumors say that before he was a store owner, he used to be a chicken thief. While cutting chicken, his friend, Sajid Bhai comes along. While talking with Sajid Bhai, Hanif Bhai asks about his sons. Sajid Bhai replies that his sons, Arif and Anwar, are returning soon after five years of studying in America. Hanif Bhai, interested, asks when he is getting his sons married, and Sajid Bhai replies that he is getting them married if he finds good matches for them, and tells Hanif Bhai to inform him is he has any matches in mind.

Munna is introduced now, sitting in front of a girls college. Some of the first comedy is introduced in this scene, when Munna teases a girl, and the girl calls him a name, and Munna says a funny comeback. After that, a prank takes place. This prank goes through the whole movie. One of Munna's classmates come to him and tells him that he teased his girl. Munna remembers and asks for the classmate's phone saying that his is out of battery. His classmate lends him the phone, and Munna dials a random number, and says "Is Farha there," knowing that the man on the other side of the line will get irritated because of the random calls. The man on the other line swears every word he says. Munna cuts the line and gives it to his classmate and says that connection is bad. Later on while Munna is driving away on his bike, someone calls the classmates phone, and when the classmate, naturally confused, picks up the phone, he hears all these swears being yelled at him.

After Munna, his friend, Pappu is introduced. Pappu is a ticket blacker in front of a very busy theater. He doesn't just want to sell the two tickets he has, he wants to sell them to girls more than boys, so that he and Munna can sit on the two seats next to them. When two men come seeking two tickets, he says he will sell for 120 rupees. The two men ask if they can buy it in 100 rupees, because they don't they have 50 rupees, and no change. Pappu tells them that he won't sell and that they look like royal beggars. Later on, two ladies come to buy the same tickets, and Pappu asks for the 120 rupees. They also say the same thing as the men, and Pappu gives them the tickets for 100 rupees. The two previous men are watching, and go to deal with Pappu. Again, Pappu insults them and tells them to leave, when Munna comes. Munna and Pappu both go to the theaters.

There is a small introduction for Hanif Bhai's two daughter's, Reshma and Najma. Reshma is shown stealing money from the pocket of her own dad. Nazma is shown reading a Filmfare magazine and eating chips, when her mom calls her to do some work. Najma's reply is that she is to busy working on "college reports" and she complains about all the work she has to do. Hanif Bhai wants his daughters to marry rich NRI Indians, but Reshma and Najma love Munna and Pappu, and their dad doesn't know that.

Munna loves Reshma and Reshma loves Munna. Pappu loves Najma, but Pappu doesn't know if Najma feels the same about him. In front of the same girl's college, Pappu tells Najma how he feels about her and that he loves her, and runs away. Later on, you see Najma kiss the rose that Pappu handed her, indicating that she loves him too.


Munna and Pappu - Two lower-class boys who are best friends. Munna (Mast Ali) is a "road side romeo type", who sits on his motorbike in front of a college waiting for girls to pass by so he can impress them. Pappu (Aziz Naser), is a ticket blacker who blacks tickets in front of a packed theater. He sells two tickets to girls mostly, so that he and Munna can sit on the other seats.

Hanif Bhai and Daughters - Hanif Bhai (Dheer Charan Shrivastav) Murgiwalay is a slightly old man who owns a chicken store, where he sells faulty chickens. His store is located in Old City, Hyderabad, near the Charminar. He has two daughters, Reshma (Vandana Gupta) and Nazma (Stuti Misra), who are in their late teens and early twenties. Reshma robs her own house, and Nazma is very lazy. Hanif Bhai wants to get his daughters married to rich N.R.I. Indians. Pappu and Munna usually call him "bhudda" (oldie).

Ajju Tehzab - Ajju Tehzab (Hari) is a mafia don who is known for throwing acid on peoples faces. Unfortunately, one day he also got acid on his own face. He has his den in Mangalhut, and there is where he is always found. He sits in his den playing carrom.

Arif and Anwar - who make their appearance later on in the movie, have supposedly came to India after 5 years in America, but have really spent five years in Chanchalguda Jail. Their dad, Sajid Bhai (Baba Khan), is a good friend of Hanif Bhai and Hanif Bhai agrees to give his two daughter hands to marry Arif (Raghu Karumanchi) and Anwar (Basha).

Mama and Shiva - Gopal Yadav alias Mama (R.K), is another mafia don who has his den in Dhulphet. He is partly Telugu speaking. He has a few controversies with Ajju Tehzab. Shiva, Mama's right-hand man, is a good friend of Pappu....

Box office[edit]

The movie was the second biggest Hyderabadi movie after The Angrez, as the genre was new and clicked with the audience.[citation needed] Leading DVD label KAD Entertainment won the copyrights for this movie, and the television rights were sold to a local channel.[citation needed]

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