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Misako Odani

[1] Misako Odani (小谷美紗子) (born November 4, 1976 in Miyazu, Kyoto-fu), is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and pianist. Misako, whose songs make heavy use of the piano, began playing the instrument at age seven, and studied abroad in Australia in 1994. Since entering the music industry in 1996, she has released eight albums, and many singles. Her most recent album, Koto no Ha (ことの は), was released in May 2010.


October 23, 1996 嘆さの雪 single (en. Sighing Snow), MCA: MVCD-1001
February 21, 1997 自分 single, MCA: MVDD-49
February 21, 1997 PROFILE -too early to tell-, MCA: MVCD-43
April 23, 1997 永遠にねむる single, MCA: MVDH-1
October 22, 1997 The Stone single, MCA: MVDH-6
November 21, 1997 あなたはやって来る ~Dear Santa~ single, MCA: MVDH-9
December 3, 1997 I, MCA/Universal: MVCH-29009
October 21, 1998 こんな風にして終わるもの single, MCA/Universal: MVDH-18
February 24, 1999 火の川 single (en. River of Fire), MCA/Universal: MVDH-21
March 25, 1999 Utaki (うたき) (Utaki), MCA/Universal: MVCH-29030
September 20, 2000 眠りのうた single (en. Song of Sleep), Universal: UUCH-5002
November 1, 2000 Edelweiss single, Universal: UUCH-5005
November 11, 2000 Uchu no Mama ja:宇宙のママ (Uchu no Mama), Universal: UUCH-1006
February 6, 2002 街灯の下で single (en. Under the Streetlight), Universal: UUCH-5051
February 6, 2002 Quarternote – THE BEST OF ODANI MISAKO 1996–2000 (compilation), Universal: UUCH-1043
March 21, 2002 ハル single (en. Hull), Universal: UUCH-5053
March 21, 2002 Then, Universal: UUCH-1049
March 26, 2003 Off You Go single, Toshiba/EMI: TOCT-4464
May 14, 2003 Night, Toshiba/EMI: TOCT-25027
October 15, 2003 featured on track 11 of Sing Like Talking's Renscence, Universal: UPCH-1290
October 29, 2003 Feather, Toshiba/EMI: TOCT-22229
November 27, 2003 虹色の吹雪 single (en. Rainbow-Coloured Snowstorm), Toshiba/EMI: TOCT-4637
April 13, 2005 Adore, Hip Land Music: HLMCD-0001
March 22, 2006 Who single, Hip Land Music: HLMCD-0002
May 17, 2006 Catch, Hip Land Music: HLMCD-0003
March 7, 2007 Quarternote 2nd − THE BEST OF ODANI MISAKO 1996–2003 best album, Universal: UPCH-1536
June 13, 2007 Out, Hip Land Music: HLMCD-0005
August 27, 2008 Odani Misako Trio, Universal: UMCK-1271
May 12, 2010 Koto no Ha, Hip Land Music: RDCA-1014


  • April 21, 1999 弾き語る (Hikigataru), a compilation of music videos and behind-the-scenes clips of recording sessions.


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