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Allmennaksjeselskap ((OSEIDEX))
Industry Biometrics
Founded 1996
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Key people
Hemant Mardia (CEO)
Morten Opstad (Chairman)
Ralph W. Bernstein (CTO)
Products Fingerprint Sensors and Biometric Software

Idex ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange : IDEX) is a Norwegian biometrics company, specialising in fingerprint imaging and fingerprint recognition technology. The company was founded 1996 and is headquartered in Oslo. In 2013 Idex opened two U.S. based offices, one in Silicon Valley, California, and another in Boston, Massachusetts.

IDEX offers fingerprint sensor and biometric software for mobile devices, identity cards, banking cards, smart cards, access control and other security solutions. Fingerprint recognition is one form of biometric identification, other examples being DNA, face recognition, iris recognition and retinal scan as well as identification based on behavioral patterns such as speaker recognition, keystroke dynamics and signature recognition.


IDEX's SmartFinger Film sensor technology is based on polymer process technologies and offers small, ultra-thin and flexible swipe fingerprint sensors.

IDEX holds early patents for low-cost capacitive fingerprint sensors and has a cross-licence with Apple relating to this technology.[1]

IDEX has demonstrated mobile phone-related technology implementations running on an Android platform as well as a technology concept for finger print sensors built into the cover glass of mobile phones.[2] Finger recognition solutions for Apple iPhone and iPad using SmartFinger has been launched.[3]

IDEX's technology has also been integrated in biometric ISO-compliant cards.[4][5]

During 2013 IDEX added touch sensors to its planned product portfolio, in addition to swipe sensors. In November the company specified plans to deliver product samples of touch sensors by mid 2014.[6]

Global Partners[edit]

IDEX develops and supplies biometric software and fingerprint sensor technology for mobile devices, cards and other embedded biometric applications. IDEX sells and markets their technology through partnerships with global companies, which include Ionics EMS,[7] Faraday Technology,[8] Future Electronics[9] and Validus Technologies Corporation.

In May 2013, IDEX finalized a global partnership agreement in mobile communication. The partner was not disclosed.[10] In September 2013, World Wide Touch Technology invested in IDEX.[11][12]

In September 2013, IDEX acquired the assets and intellectual property rights from U.S. based PicoField Technologies, which develops touch fingerprint sensor designs aimed at consumer devices.[13]

In October 2013 IDEX joined the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online). IDEX will be a Sponsor member and participate in the definition of protocol standards for secure authentication.[14]


IDEX received the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Global Swipe Sensor Product Differentiation Innovation of the Year Award.[15]

IDEX was awarded the Sesame Award for its SmartFinger Film fingerprint sensor technology at the 2010 SESAMES Awards ceremony in Paris, France.[16]

At CARTES 2012 in North America, IDEX displayed the latest demonstration of products embedding the SmartFinger technology[17] as well as the SmartFinger Secure Processor software and the new Smartfinger evaluation kit.[18]


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