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Sahibzada Syed Iftikhar ul Hasan Shah, also known as Zahray Shah,[1] is a Pakistani politician. Zahray Shah was born in Sialkot, Punjab and was elected as a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan for Daska in 1993 later on 1998.[2] He was also member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in 1990. He is son of Syed Faiz ul Hasan Shah a famous Islamic orator. Zahray Shah belongs to syed family of Allo Mahar shrif in sialkot. His brother Syed Hasanat ul Hasan shah was chairman of the district government of Sialkot. His nephew Syed Murtaza Amin Shah is currently a Member of National assembly of Pakistan.Pir Zaray Shah is a now member of national assembly of Pakistan,from sialkot constitency NA113.His son[3]


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