Ignatius Simon II Hindi Zora

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Ignatius Simon II (Hindi) Zora
Patriarch of Antioch
Ignatius Simon II Hindi Zora.jpg
ChurchSyriac Catholic Church
SeePatriarch of Antioch
Installed13 January 1814
Term ended23 May 1817
PredecessorIgnatius Michael IV Daher
SuccessorIgnatius Peter VII Jarweh

Mar Ignatius Gregory Simon II Zora, born Rabban Hindi (1754–1838), was the Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church from 1814 to 1817.[1]


Simon Zora converted to the Syriac Catholic Church in 1804 from Syrian Orthodox Church and in 1812 was appointed archbishop of Damascus.[2] After the resignation of Ignatius Michael IV Daher, accepted by Pope Pius VII only in 1812, Simon Zora was elected Patriarch on January 13, 1814 and confirmed by Rome on March 8, 1816. His patriarchate was particularly troubled because of quarrels among the bishops. Simon Zora collided with both the former patriarch Michel Daher, now bishop of Aleppo, and with the bishop of Jerusalem, Peter Jarweh. Because of these troubles, Simon Zora resigned on May 23, 1817, and his resignation were accepted by Propaganda Fide on June 1, 1818.[3]

After Simon Zora resignation, the Vatican appointed as Patriarchal Vicar the bishop of Aleppo, Denys Michel Hadaja (who died on 6 January 1827).[3]


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