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Iiyama Vision Master Pro monitors

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The Iiyama Vision Master Pro computer monitor line was manufactured by Iiyama, a high-end manufacturer of LCD and CRT monitors, as advanced version of Vision Master line.


This CRT monitor was manufactured in the 1990s, and has been discontinued. For a year from April 1997 to April 1998, this monitor was at the top of PCWorld's chart as a Best Buy.[1] According to PC Pro magazine, it dominated the UK monitor market at around that period.[2]

This line was succeeded by the Iiyama Vision Master ProLite LCD monitor series, later rebranded as simply ProLite.


Vision Master Pro 17[edit]

The Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17 computer monitor was released by Iiyama in 1997.

Technical specifications[edit]

Screen - The monitor was a CRT with a phosphor area diagonal: 41 cm (16 in), dot pitch of 0.26 mm. The screen had a short persistence phosphor with an anti-reflection and anti-static coating. The horizontal sync frequency was 27.0–86.0 kHz, and the vertical sync frequency was 50–160 Hz. The maximum video resolution was 1600 × 1200, non-interlaced.[3] In 2000 this model received a tube upgrade: a Mitsubishi Diamondtron FD tube with 0.24 mm dot pitch was equipped.

Video connectors - The two standard input connections are 5-BNC and D-sub mini 15 pin.[3]

Power - The monitor operated on a standard 120 V 60 Hz line or 230 V 50 Hz, consuming a maximum of 110 W of power. Standby power was 10 W maximum, and suspend mode was 6 W maximum.[3]

Pro 400[edit]


Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454, at NASA Space Flight Center

Pro 454[edit]


Pro 510[edit]

Released in 1999[5]


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