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Born Kazuyuki Toyoda
(1962-01-20) 20 January 1962 (age 55)
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Make-up artist, TV personality
Website ikko.cc

Ikko (born Kazuyuki Toyoda (豊田 一幸 Toyoda Kazuyuki?) on 20 January 1962 in Fukuoka Prefecture) is a Japanese trans woman make-up artist and TV personality. The name "Ikko" comes from an alternative reading of the Japanese name "一幸" (Ikkō).


Born on 20 January 1962, Ikko graduated from a beauty college in Fukuoka Prefecture, and trained as a makeup artist for eight years before opening "Atelier Ikko", a make-up studio, in 1992.[1]

TV appearances[edit]

As of October 2008, Ikko regularly appears on the following TV programmes.


Ikko has published the following books.[1]

  • IKKOの振袖ロマンティック, 2004, ISBN 4-391-61976-8
  • IKKOウェディング――永遠のガーリッシュウェディング, 2005, ISBN 4-391-62110-X
  • 超オンナ磨き〜美のカリスマIKKOの幸せを呼ぶゴールデンルール, July 2006, ISBN 4-7762-0336-7


In December 2007, Ikko released a CD single titled "Dondake no Hōsoku".[2] The single also included a cover of "Dō ni mo tomaranai", a 1972 hit song originally performed by Linda Yamamoto.[3]


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