Romulus and the Sabines

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Romulus and the Sabines
Romulus and the Sabines.jpg
Directed by Richard Pottier
Produced by Films Matignon
Written by Edoardo Anton
Starring Roger Moore
Mylène Demongeot
Jean Marais
Music by Carlo Rustichelli
Cinematography Bitto Albertini
Release date
15 November 1961 (Italy); 15 December 1961 (France)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Italy, France, Yugoslavia
Language Italian

Il ratto delle sabine (English: Romulus and the Sabines) is an Italian adventure comedy film from 1961, directed by Richard Pottier, written by Edoardo Anton, starring Roger Moore and Jean Marais. The scenario was based on a novel of André Castelot.[1]



It has been judged that even a "good cast" couldn't save the "misguided" comedy.[2]


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