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For other uses, see Imminence (disambiguation).

Imminent is a Belgian musical project formerly, and still commonly known as Imminent Starvation. It is a staple act of Germany’s industrial and power noise record label, Ant-Zen.

Members / History[edit]

Imminent Starvation was founded by Olivier Moreau, who has been its only member since its inception. In 1999, Moreau destroyed his mixing table, and gave away its pieces with the limited edition of his release Nord. Shortly thereafter, the name Imminent Starvation was shortened to just Imminent.

Moreau participates in a number of side-projects and other collaborations, such as Axiome, Myrza, Ambre, Delta Files, 2 Be Freak, Torsion, and Urawa.


  • Emergency Provision, 1993, Tape
  • Human Dislocation, 1997, CD
  • Human Relocation, 1997, LP
  • Remix Item, 1998, 10” (with Synapscape)
  • Ethyl6, 1998, LP
  • North, 1999, LP
  • Nord, 1999, Boxset / CD
  • Nand, 1999, 7” (Avail. In Nord Box)
  • Screenwalking, 2000, CD / LP (with Synapscape)
  • The Incredible Three, 2004, 7” (with Synapscape)
  • The Start of the Incredible Three, 2005, 7” (with Synapscape)
  • The Return of the Incredible Three, TBA, 7" (with Synapscape)
  • Cask Strength, 2009, CD

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