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Saint Ina is thought to be a fifth century Welsh saint and a member of the royal house of Gwynedd.

Ina was the daughter of Ceredig ab Cunedda Wledig (c. 420–453), and a granddaughter of Cunedda Wledig, the progenitor of the royal dynasty of Gwynedd. St Ina's Church, in Llanina near New Quay, Ceredigion is believed to have been dedicated to her, although there is also a tradition that the dedicatee is the Anglo-Saxon King Ine (or Ina) of Wessex (died 727).

Ina's father Ceredig was ruler of Ceredigion, where Llanina is located. Ceredigion is traditionally supposed to have been named after Ceredig.

St Ina Road in Heath, Cardiff is presumably named after this Saint Ina, as it is among a group of roads named after Celtic saints.


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