Industrialised building system (IBS)

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Industrialised building system (IBS) is a term used in Malaysia for a technique of construction where by components are manufactured in a controlled environment, either at site or off site, placed and assembled into construction works.[1] Worldwide, IBS is also known as Pre-fabricated/Pre-fab Construction, Modern Method of Construction (MMC) and Off-site Construction. CIDB Malaysia, through CIDB IBS SDN BHD is promoting the usage of IBS to increase productivity and quality at construction sites [2][3][4] through various promotion programmes, training and incentives. The content of IBS (IBS Score) is determined based on the Construction Industry Standard 18 (CIS 18: 2010); either manually, web application or fully automated CAD-based IBS Score calculator. For example, its use in the Forest City project.


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