Clodomiro Picado Research Institute

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Instituto Clodomiro Picado
LocationSan José Province
 Costa Rica
Coordinates10°25′29″N 84°45′07″W / 10.4248187°N 84.752048°W / 10.4248187; -84.752048
No. of animals70+ species

The Instituto Clodomiro Picado is a research center in Coronado, San José Province, Costa Rica. Established in 1970, the institute is a research unit of the Universidad de Costa Rica, responsible for the production of snake antiophidic serums and scientific research on serpents and their venoms,[1] as well as educational and extension programs in rural areas and hospitals. It received its name in honor of Costa Rican scientist Clodomiro Picado Twight.[2]

The Institute produces antivenoms for human and veterinary use in Central America, Ecuador, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea.[3]

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