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This article is about the software company. For information about former products from the unrelated video game accessories brand also named InterAct, see GameShark § Brand_history.
Industry Software
Founded 1975
Headquarters Winston-Salem, NC
Products Public safety software

InterAct, formerly known as InterAct Public Safety Systems,[1] is a public safety software company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Founded in 1975, InterAct is a major provider of public safety incident response software and public safety cloud technology. InterAct’s client base includes more than 2,600 clients in 40 states and across three continents.[2][3]


InterAct products include computer aided dispatch, records management, mobile data, offender management, and the related technologies that support those functions. InterAct has pioneered developments in public safety cloud computing and data sharing.[4][5][6]

InterAct developed the first triple screen super-enhanced E911 system in 1984, which is now an industry standard.[7]

In 2012, InterAct announced the release of InterDEx, a next generation data sharing and agency interoperability platform.[8] This nationwide platform allows public safety professionals to communicate with each other and share data with other agencies in different jurisdictions.[9] The following year, InterAct expanded its partnership with Nlets, migrating the hosting of their RMS application to the Nlets data center and accelerating the deployment of the InterAct Public Safety Cloud.[10]

Also in 2012, InterAct acquired JailTracker, a well-established jail management system that provides instant access to information about offender population and facilities utilization; including inmate physical description with photographs, incarceration history, inmate contracts, scheduled release dates calculation, inmate incidents, medication dispense, visitors and more.[11]

InterAct released SafeTown in 2012, an app that allows residents to track police and emergency responder activity in real-time and report suspicious activity.[12]

In 2013, the Mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard, announced the city's rollout of SafeTown,[13] calling it "a great resource for people to stay informed and safe in Indianapolis."[14]


InterAct has partnered with Nlets, hosting their InterAct Records Management System (RMS) application in the Nlets data center.[15]

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