International Fertilizer Industry Association

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International Fertilizer Industry Association
Headquarters Paris, France
Secretary General
Charlotte Hebebrand
Esin Mete

The International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) is a nonprofit organization that represents the global fertilizer industry, on issues related to the promotion of plant nutrients, improvement of the operating environment of the member companies and the collection and compilation of industry information.[1]

IFA members serve farmers everywhere as they meet the world's growing food, feed, fibre and bioenergy needs in a sustainable manner.

IFA is based in Paris, France, has 525 members in 85 countries. About half of the membership is based in developing countries. IFA member companies represent all activities related to the production, trade, transport and distribution of every type of fertilizer, their raw materials and intermediates. IFA's membership also includes organizations involved in construction, engineering, consulting, agronomic research and training.

IFA's current President is Esin Mete of Agri-Industry Group.[2][3]

The global fertilizer industry produces some 170 million tonnes of fertilizer nutrients annually. These are used in every corner of the globe to support agricultural production. There is no substitute for the nutrients absorbed by crops. As a major source of these, fertilizers therefore represent an essential ingredient in the drive towards sustainable agriculture and world food security.

IFA was founded in 1927 in London as the International Superphosphate Manufacturers Association.

IFA's Mission[edit]

The mission of the International Fertilizer Industry Association is to be the voice and the ear of the global fertilizer industry as it provides the crop nutrients to allow farmers everywhere to meet the world's growing food, feed, fibre and bioenergy needs in a sustainable manner.The purpose of IFA is to serve its members, policy makers, farmers, the scientific community and the interests of the general public by:

  • Actively promoting the efficient and responsible production and use of plant nutrients to maintain and increase agricultural production worldwide in a sustainable manner;
  • Influencing the formation of public policy relevant to crop nutrition and soil fertility management;
  • Improving the operating environment of the fertilizer industry in the spirit of free enterprise and fair trade;
  • Collecting, compiling and disseminating statistics and other information relevant to the fertilizer industry, and providing a platform for the discussion of all aspects of the production, distribution and consumption of fertilizers, their intermediates and raw materials.
  • Recognizing that crop nutrition is just one element of sustainable agriculture and rural development, IFA and its members seek to work with other stakeholders throughout the agricultural value chain to identify and implement holistic, integrated ways to meet the world's food, feed, fibre and bioenergy needs.

International consultation[edit]

IFA has consultative status with various agencies of the United Nations (UN), including:

The Association also cooperates actively with:


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