Invasion of Dul Ashir

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Invasion of Dul Ashir
Date 623 AD, 2 AH
Location Jamad al Thani
  • Caravan safely left for Syria before Muhammad could intercept it
  • Treaty signed with Banu Mudlej [1]
Muslims of Mecca Quraysh Caravan
Commanders and leaders
Muhammad Abu Sufyan
150-200[1] Unknown

The Invasion of Dul Ashir[2] occurred directly after the Invasion of Buwat in December of 623 AD (2 A.H of the Islamic calendar). The expedition was ordered by Muhammad after he received intelligence that a caravan was heading to Syria. Therefore, Muhammad directed about 150-200 Muslims, who attempted to raid the caravan.But caravan left before the Muslims arrived.[2]

They had thirty camels that they rode upon by turns. When they arrived at al-Usharayh, they expected to raid a rich Meccan caravan towards Syria led by Abu Sufyan. Muhammad already had the knowledge of this caravan’s departure from Mecca and waited for about a month for this caravan to pass. But the Meccan caravan had already passed.

In this operation, Muhammad entered into an alliance with Banu Madlaj, a tribe inhabiting the vicinity of al-Ushayra. He also concluded another treaty that was made with Banu Damrah previously.[1][1][2][3]

Modern secondary sources which mention this, include the award winning book,[4] Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar)[2]

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