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Mughanlo is located in Georgia
Location in Georgia
Coordinates: 41°35′46″N 45°31′46″E / 41.59611°N 45.52944°E / 41.59611; 45.52944Coordinates: 41°35′46″N 45°31′46″E / 41.59611°N 45.52944°E / 41.59611; 45.52944
CountryFlag of Georgia.svg Georgia
460 m (1,510 ft)
 • Total2,169
Time zoneUTC+4

Mughanlo is a village in Sagarejo district in Kakheti province in eastern Georgia[1] located 446 m (1,463 ft) above sea level.[2] Its inhabitants are primarily ethnic Azeris.[3]

A tornado hit the village in June 2005, injuring 13 people and damaging several homes.[4]

As of November 2006, approximately 600 residents did not possess Georgian identification cards, prompting a visit by Minister of Justice Gia Kavtaradze.[1]

According to the census of 2014 in Georgia the population of the village was 2169. 53% of inhabitants are men and 47% women.[5]

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