Isabel Dato, 2nd Duchess of Dato

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Isabel Dato y Barrenechea, 2nd Duchess of Dato, was a Spanish noblewoman.


She was the first of three daughters of Eduardo Dato e Iradier (A Coruña, 12 August 1856 – assassinated in Madrid, 8 March 1921), three times Spanish Prime Minister (or President of the Minister's Council) and wife María de Barrenechea y Montegui, 1st Duchess of Dato (- Madrid, 1926).


She inherited the title after her mother's death. She died unmarried and without issue. She was succeeded by her sister María del Carmen Dato y Barrenechea, 3rd Duchess of Dato.

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Spanish nobility
Preceded by
María de Barrenechea
Duchess of Dato
1 October 1925-1937
Succeeded by
María del Carmen Dato