It's Getting Later All the Time

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It's Getting Later All the Time
Author Antonio Tabucchi
Original title Si sta facendo sempre più tardi
Translator Alastair McEwen
Country Italy
Language Italian
Publisher Feltrinelli
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 228
ISBN 88-07-01590-0

It's Getting Later All the Time (Italian: Si sta facendo sempre più tardi) is a 2001 novel by the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi. It has the form of an epistolary novel, and consists of letters from 17 men to former lovers, and a single letter with the response to all of them.


Andrew Ervin wrote in The New York Times: "Taken linearly, these letters ... don't make any more sense than scenes in a Fellini movie. But, as with 8 [sic] or Amarcord, to look for logic is to miss the point. ... The subtle relationships between the letters turn out to be more thematic than literal, though they eventually come together in a brilliantly unexpected way."[1]

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