WD J0651+2844

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WD J0651+2844
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Gemini
Right ascension 06h 51m 33.338s
Declination 28° 44′ 23.37″
Other designations
SDSS J065133.338+284423.37, SDSS J0651, J0651, SDSS J0651+2844, WD+WD J0651+2844
Database references

WD J0651+2844 is a white dwarf binary star system composed of two white dwarfs.[1] They are approximately 120,000 km apart and complete an orbit around their barycenter in less than 13 minutes.[2] This produces an eclipse every 6 minutes. This makes it possible to gather enough data to produce extremely accurate predictions of each future eclipse. The eclipse times deviate from the time predicted in a way consistent with gravitational waves.[3][4][5]


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