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JEN, formerly named Japan Emergency NGOs, was established in January 1994 as the first federation of Japanese NGOs. By working and pulling together the expertise and human and financial resources of several NGOs, it became feasible to carry out a project which otherwise could have been difficult by a single NGO. In addition, it also aimed for a more collaborative form of humanitarian assistance with the cooperation of Japanese government and UN organisations. Since May 1994, 14 offices were established in different areas in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro with international staff delegated to each office to start the refugee and internally displaced persons assistance activities. The activity of JEN in the former Yugoslavia, which has once started as a half-year project, grew from emergency relief to rehabilitation over the years. In 2004, all directly implemented projects ended in the former Yugoslavia and were handed over to local NGOs.


At present, JEN works in seven countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Sudan,[1] Myanmar, and Niigata, Japan and our projects differ ranging from providing rehabilitation of schools in Iraq and Afghanistan from livelihood programme in Sri Lanka. JEN worked for the victims of 2005 earthquake in District Bagh, Kashmir, Pakistan [1]


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