Jabra (headset)

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Industry Business & Consumer electronics
Founded 1983
Founder Elwood Norris
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Area served
Products Headsets
Website www.jabra.com
Jabra JX10
Jabra bluetooth adapter

Jabra is a subsidiary of GN Netcom.[1] It develops, manufactures and markets wireless and corded headsets for mobile phone users, contact centers and office-based users.


Jabra Corporation has among its roots Norcom Electronics Corporation, a Utah corporation founded in 1983 by inventor/entrepreneur Elwood "Woody" Norris.[2] From its inception, Norcom was engaged in the development of ear-radio and ear-microphone technologies.

In September 1984, American Technology Corporation (ATC), a publicly traded corporation also founded by Norris, acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Norcom Electronics.[3]

In March 1988, ATC sold Norcom Electronics to Norris Communications, Inc. (NCI), another publicly traded corporation founded by Norris, in return for 700,000 shares of NCI common stock and a 1% royalty on gross sales of its EarPHONE product.[3]

NCI spun off the assets of Norcom earphone to Randy Granovetter who with Brean Murray founded Jabra Corporation on January 3, 1993. Jabra developed the first in-ear integrated microphone and speaker, invented and patented EarGels ©, developed DSP based echo and noise cancellation technologies, became the first company to tune a headset over-the-air, and created the market segment category for mobile headsets with its Motorola StarTac product. In 1996 the company acquired operations in Scotland to lead its push into Bluetooth technology. In September 2000, Jabra Corporation was acquired by GN Netcom, a division of the Danish company GN Great Nordic, the latter having been founded in 1869 as the Great Northern Telegraph Company

In 2006, GN Netcom consolidated its Contact Center and Office (CC&O) headset division under the Jabra brand. This was followed by a restructuring in 2008, which established two distinct divisions within Jabra; CC&O and Mobile. This restructuring thus facilitated a greater focus on business-to-business and consumer markets respectively.[4][5]


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