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Jack Harrison (18 December 1912 – 4 June 2010) was a Scottish educator, military pilot, and prisoner of war during World War II.[1] Harrison was one of the last known survivors (at least two remaining known escape survivors are still alive today, John R. Harris RCAF and Ken Rees RAF, the news item quoting Harrison as having been the 'last' survivor was erroneous) of the Stalag Luft III Great Escape.[2] Stalag Luft III was a Luftwaffe run prisoner of war camp in Silesia (modern-day Poland).

Harrison was born on 18 December 1912.[3] On the eve of World War II, Harrison was a Latin teacher at Dornoch Academy in Sutherland.[1] He enlisted in the Royal Air Force as a pilot once war with Nazi Germany broke out.[1]


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