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Jack Dean Kingsbury is the former Aubrey Lee Brooks professor of theology at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, now an emeritus professor.

He is a scholar of the New Testament, specializing in the Book of Matthew and the other Synoptic Gospels.[1] As a biblical scholar, he wrote a number of books on New Testament topics.[2][3]


  • Who do you say that I am? Essays on Christology by Jack Dean Kingsbury, Mark Allan Powell, David R. Bauer 1999 ISBN 0-664-25752-6
  • The Christology of Mark's Gospel by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1983 ISBN 0-8006-2337-1
  • Conflict in Luke: Jesus, Authorities, Disciples 1991
  • Conflict in Mark: Jesus, Authorities, Disciples by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1989 ISBN 0-8006-2336-3
  • Matthew by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1983 ISBN 0-916035-80-8
  • Matthew by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1977 ISBN 0-8006-0586-1
  • Jesus Christ in Matthew, Mark and Luke by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1981 ISBN 0-8006-0596-9
  • Matthew as Story by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1986 ISBN 0-8006-1891-2
  • Matthew: Structure, Christology, Kingdom by Jack Dean Kingsbury 1975 ISBN 0-8006-0434-2


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