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Jacques Trémolet de Villers (born 6 September 1944, Mende, Lozère) is a French writer, lawyer, president of the Catholic traditionalist group La Cité Catholique since the 1980s and monarchist activist in the Restauration nationale movement.


Trémollet de Villers was a collaborator of the far-right politician Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour. In 1974 he founded his law practice, where he handled some famous legal matters such as the inheritance issues of Émilien Amaury, the founder of the media group Amaury-Le Parisien. He also handled the affair of Philippe de Dieuleveult's disappearance, the defense of Jean-Charles Marchiani, former prefect of Var,[1] as well as that of the mayor Pierre Bernard and that of the war criminal Paul Touvier.[2][3]

He is also a member of the Cercle de l'Oeillet blanc, headed for a long time by Guy Coutant de Saisseval, and of the association Gens de France. Trémolet de Villers also supports Jean of Orléans, the monarchist candidate to the French throne.


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