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Jahan Temür was a Jalayirid candidate for the throne of the Ilkhanate in the late 1330s. He was the son of Ala-Fireng and the grandson of the Ilkhan Gaykhatu.

Having repudiated the titular sovereignty of the Ilkhan claimant Togha Temur early in the summer of 1339, the Jalayirid Hasan Buzurg raised Jahan Temür to the throne. In June 1340 Hasan Buzurg and his puppet khan met the Chobanids under Hasan Kucek in battle on the Jaghatu; the Jalayirids were defeated. Following this, Hasan Buzurg returned to Baghdad and deposed Jahan Temür. While Hasan Buzurg would recognize Togha Temur as his suzerain again for a time, Jahan Temür was his last puppet Ilkhan, and the Jalayirid (Ilkan) dynasty of Baghdad came to rule in its own right. The fate of Jahan Temür himself is not recorded.


Preceded by
Muhammad Khan
Ilkhan (Jalayirid candidate)
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