Arbeit - Bewegung - Geschichte

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Arbeit - Bewegung - Geschichte: Zeitschrift für historische Studien  
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Discipline labour history
Language German
Edited by Christa Hübner, Ralf Hoffrogge, Bärbel Kontny, Diemtar Lange, Elke Scherstjanoi, Axel Weipert
Publication details
Metropol Verlag (Germany)
Publication history
Frequency Triannually
ISSN 2366-2387
OCLC no. 49930935

Arbeit - Bewegung - Geschichte ("Labour - Movement - History") is a academic journal covering the history of labour and other social movements. It was established in 2002 as Jahrbuch für Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung ("Yearbook on Labour History") and renamed in 2016.

Each issue has a main section of historical essays dealing with a variety of subjects such as the history of women's liberation, social movements in general or the antifascist resistance movements in Germany and Europe.[1] Its main focus nevertheless is the history of the international labour and union movements, including organizations such as the Comintern and its member parties as well as social-democratic parties.


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